Are you interested in having a new and unique toric multifocal lens to offer to your presbyopic patients?

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This guide gives you access to all the information, tools, and resources you need to finally give your patients what they want – freedom from glasses. A sneak peak at some of the resources you'll receive:

  • Best fitting practices 
  • Troubleshooting your multifocal or bifocal fit 
  • Multifocal case studies
87% of successful multifocal lenses are toric.

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Our Promise to Your Practice

  • High-performing lenses 
  • Recurring profits from contact lens sales, as we do not sell our lenses on the internet
  • A guaranteed fit, or credit will be provided 
  • Delivery within 3 - 4 business days 
  • Precise and repeatable reproducibility 
  • Full warranty (against both defects and tears) on trial and multi-pack orders